For more than 20 years Evenrange has been successfully manufacturing specialised concrete curing compounds and coatings for the civil and commercial construction industry.

Evenrange was the first company in Australia to introduce hydrocarbon resin curing compounds to major civil projects.

During the past 20 years Evenrange has strived to formulate products that are safe to use, environmentally friendly and consistently still performs above the requirements set out by Standards and its customers. Some of these products currently being used today include XDS, Evencure BCP, Evencure AC and Evencure W30.

Over the past 10 years Evenrange has undertaken an extensive research program to develop and manufacture unique concrete enhancement and repair materials, as a result of a comprehensive market investigation, research and development, lengthy testing and trials.

Primarily the company’s goal was to establish and develop products that were environmentally and user-friendly, exhibit high performance in harsh working environments and above all be 100% compatible with concrete.

With new environmentally friendly technology, we have forged new industry alliances and with our research facilities and testing laboratories, we now offer our clients technical expertise and custom blended materials for any project requirements.

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Evenrange has maintained itself as an industry leader with its high-quality industry-approved products that maintain a strong environmental emphasis. Find out more and read our Environmental Statement.

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